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Aluminium has a long tradition as a packaging material not least because of its outstanding barrier properties. While some beverages have been filled in glass or plastic bottles, others have relied on aluminium cans for a long time. LINHARDT now combines the advantages of both approaches with its new range of aluminium bottles. In comparison to plastic bottles, aluminium bottles have higher barrier properties and are significantly easier to recycle. Unlike glass bottles, aluminium bottles are both lighter and shatter-proof, which makes them ideal for online retailing and shipping. Beyond these more practical reasons, our aluminium bottles naturally attract attention!

BROCHURE PCR aluminium

LINHARDT aluminium bottles ...

... are eye-catching

... are eye-catching

Thanks to their sophisticated and unique appearance, our bottles stand out from other products made of glass or plastic.

... Overview

... are shatterproof

... are shatterproof

... are shatterproof

Unlike glass bottles aluminium bottles are nearly unbreakable. Thanks to their light weight, they are less likely to be misused as projectiles. This makes aluminium bottles ideal for public events.

... Overview

... are sustainable

... are sustainable

... are sustainable

Our bottles are made of fully and infinitely recyclable aluminium. Recycling of aluminium consumes only a fraction of the energy needed for primary production. Around 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. All of our bottles can be realized with PCR aluminium as well.

... Overview

... are light-weight

... are light-weight

... are light-weight

Particularly compared to conventional glass bottles, aluminium bottles are characterized by a significantly lower weight and thereby reduced transport emissions.

... Overview

... have excellent barrier properties

... have excellent barrier properties

... have excellent barrier properties

Our aluminium bottles optimally protect the product and preserve the aroma of the filling.

... Overview

...can be versatilely decorated

...can be versatilely decorated

...can be versatilely decorated

The various decoration possibilities of aluminium are an important advantage of aluminium Our bottles are inline 360°directly printable and therefore do not require any additional labels.

... Overview

... are eye-catching

LINHARDT is one of the most versatile aluminium packaging manufacturers in the industry.

We are experts for almost all kinds of impact-extruded aluminium packagings. Aside from tubes and aerosol cans we produce special packagings like ALUMINIUM- &
SHAKER CANS and shaker cans, rigid tubes, cigar tubes, markers and bottles. LINHARDT has one of the broadest product portfolios on the market.

We are able to produce a large range of different bottles.

Our portfolio currently covers bottles with volumes between 10 ml and 120 ml.

Our bottles can be inline 360° printed and therefore do not require any additional labels. Thanks to the integration of a special post-washer integrated into our production line, we are able to produce food-compliant quality.

However we are continuously developing new sizes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!



The smallest LINHARDT bottle for volumes 10 ml - 45 ml is a versatile allrounder.

With its GL18 thread it is suitable for a broad range of applicators and closures.

The Tiny-B is also available made of 100% PCR aluminium.



The cork bottle appears in the classic yet modern retro style of a pharmacy bottle.

Thanks to the sophisticated look of aluminium, the bottle is a real eye-catcher on the shelf. Unlike glass bottles, our aluminium bottle is shatterproof, opaque and much lighter. By using PCR aluminium, the carbon footprint of the bottle can be improved significantly.

The large bottle opening, closed with a cork stopper, is particularly suitable for dry products.


The Mini-B is suitable for filling volumes of 20, 30 or 40 ml.

Shatterproof, light-weight, aroma preserving, inline printable - This aluminium bottles is a serious competition for conventional glass bottles.

The Mini-B is also available made of 100% PCR aluminium.



The Midi-B contains between 50 ml and 120 ml, depending on its length and design.

The bottle with 35 mm diameter can be realized with a ROPP18, PP28/ROPP 28 thread or a GCMI 24/410 thread.

The Midi-B is also available made of 100% PCR aluminium.



Our bottles can also be produced with 100% PCR Aluminium.

You can find more information on PCR Aluminium in our brochure.


For our bottles we use pure aluminium. Aluminium is a very sustainable raw material, as it can be recycled infinitely without quality loss. The recycling process consumes only a fraction of the energy needed for primary production. In additon, our bottles can be realized with PCR aluminium.


We produce bottles in different sizes. Generally, we offer solutions for filling volumes from 10 to 120 ml. An overview about all our bottles choices can be found in our bottle brochure.


Our bottles are suitable for a variety of applicators and closures. Aside from screw caps, other closure solutions like for instance child-resistant crown caps or different dosing systems are possible as well. A detailed overview about all possible threads and closures can be found in our bottle brochures.


We directly print our aluminium cans in-line with up to 6 colours. The grid width is 54 lpcm or 133 lpi. Positive scripture can be depicted with a minimum of 4 pt, negative scripture with a minimum of 6 pt.

Aside from qualitatively outstanding aluminium bottles we at LINHARDT are able to provide you with:

  • • Excellent services and quick reaction times by our competent customer service team
  • • In-house innovation and product development department
  • • In-house tool manufacturing department
  • • In-house pre-press and graphics department
  • • Highest quality standards as expected from „Made in Germany“
  • Other LINHARDT products: