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Values are the determining elements of our culture - including the corporate culture within the LINHARDT Group. Taking responsibility is one of our values. Responsibility wherever our business activities have an impact on society, employees, the environment and the economic environment.



Values are the defining elements of culture – even the corporate culture within the LINHARDT group. To take responsibility is one of our values . Dies sind die Werte, nach denen wir unser Handeln ausrichten:

Professionality – Responsibility – Respect – Reliability – Trust

In 2010, after extensive analysis of our public image and self image, work began on the drawing up of values-oriented guidelines for internal and external relationships. After wide-ranging discussion, LINHARDT formulated the already existing, but rethought, standards of relations to employees, customers, suppliers and the regional environment. With these guidelines, we gave ourselves a codified constitution that is binding for every employee.

These are our guidlines…

The costumers

Our customer is our partner, internationally.

  • ● We work fairly, trustingly and for the long term with our customers.
  • ● LINHARDT is a financially independent, future-oriented family company.
  • ● Our goal is international market presence. At the same time, we are a German company and this basis will always be of great importance to us.
  • ● We strive for sustainability through the permanent improvement of our process and product quality as well as our competitiveness.
  • ● We develop problem solutions and innovations with and for our customers.
  • The Employees

    The human being is our focus. We are all LINHARDT.

  • ● Our working is characterized by appreciation, trust and humanity.
  • ● We meet at eye level - respectfully and friendly. Our communication and our leadership behavior are open and clear
  • ● We encourage and demand teamwork at all levels.

  • We think in terms of generations, not quarters.

  • ● As a family company, we offer more security. For this we demand a high level of commitment and identification.
  • ● Stable corporate development and social responsibility are more important than short-term success.
  • ● We are continuously increasing our product and process quality. This offers our employees development opportunities based on the necessary willingness to learn and change.
  • The suppliers

    Our guidelines also apply to the selection of our partners.

  • ● We strive for a trusting and long-term partnership with our suppliers. We are a reliable, strong and future-oriented company. We also expect these properties from our suppliers.
  • ● Quality, service and a fair price policy are the premises for our customers and for us. LINHARDT's suppliers also meet these requirements and support us in the continuous improvement of product and process quality.
  • ● We demand market-driven, individual and innovative problem solutions to support our strategic goals.
  • ● We take our social and ecological responsibility seriously and expect the same from our suppliers.
  • Regional environment

    We see our responsibility and stand by it.

  • ● Our regional environment is the home of our employees. That is why LINHARDT takes responsibility for a sustainable development of our locations. This also includes the economical use of resources and reducing emissions to a minimum.
  • ● LINHARDT is a reliable, cooperative and open partner for the people in our regions.
  • ● We ask our fellow citizens for their understanding for our concerns. We expect the greatest possible support from politics and administration in realizing our concerns.

    We, the management of the LINHARDT Group, are convinced that adherence to ethical values ​​is necessary for long-term economic success.

    This includes treating each other fairly and acting within the framework of the specified standards in everyday business. We consider the success of our customers to be the key to achieving long-term and sustainable business success and constant growth and we see it as a matter of course to meet the requirements of all interest groups.

    As the management of the LINHARDT Group, we stand by our responsibility for a sustainable corporate strategy and its implementation. Integrity as well as compliance with the law and ethical principles are essential elements in maintaining the authenticity of our company. This "LINHARDT - Code of Conduct" defines how we conduct our business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. In combination with the "LINHARDT - Visions & Guidelines" and the "LINHARDT - Management Commitment", norms and directives are laid down that ensure that our employees are treated with respect and dignity, safe working conditions and sustainable treatment of the environment.

    The present Code contains the following:

  • ● How our management meets its responsibility,
  • ● How we treat our employees and colleagues,
  • ● what behavior customers can expect from us,
  • ● how we deal with our suppliers and
  • ● how we behave in dealing with the communities and the environment. Each manager and each individual employee is responsible for behaving in accordance with this code. The behavior of our managers is a role model, because they live the principles of conduct and are committed to them in every situation.
  • Viechtach, 23.10.2019

    Code of Conduct PDF


    To this day, LINHARDT has a long tradition of management based on morals and values. In previous years, it was mainly managing directors who embodied the values of the company internally and externally with a high level of personal integrity, the company formulated its corporate philosophy in the mid-1990s - a philosophy that was lived, an inventory and evaluation of relationships with customers, employees and suppliers .

    With the general intensification of the sustainability discussion since the turn of the millennium, LINHARDT saw confirmation of its own corporate policy of solidity and stability in economic, social and ecological terms.

    In 2010, after extensive analysis of others and self-image, the development of value-oriented guidelines for internal and external relations began. After a broad discussion, LINHARDT formulated the previous, but newly thought-out standards for relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and the regional environment. With these guidelines we gave ourselves a codified constitution that is binding for every employee.

    Today's Code of Conduct follows these initiatives - similar to the way laws are based on a constitution. He will not provide patent recipes for every conceivable situation in business life. Rather, it defines non-negotiable minimum standards that we follow in corporate management just as we require them from our employees and suppliers. The immovable basis of these minimum standards is compliance with all applicable laws.

    Viechtach, 23.10.2019

    Code of Conduct PDF